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The Dance Dietitian

Who is The Dance Dietitian? A Registered Dietitian & Ballroom Dance Instructor trained in smooth, Latin, & social dancing & former professional American Rhythm competitor.

What does a consultation include? An assessment nutrition & activity goals which forms the foundation of your nutritional counseling sessions & dance lesson plan.

Why work with The Dance Dietitian? Informed nutrition can improve positive body image, dance skills, & physical performance, weight & chronic disease management.

You will gain a deeper understanding of how balanced nutrition will provide you the energy you need to maximize your efforts on the floor. In the nutritional counseling sessions, you will learn mindfulness techniques such as being in the moment, awareness of your surroundings & your feelings without interpretation or judgement. These techniques are transferrable from the table to the floor.

There is a connection between food & mood. When the body is properly nourished, your level of concentration, ability to adapt and maximize performance are in sync. Physical activity, like dancing, naturally creates endorphins- the ‘feel good’ hormones. When you combine balanced nutrition with regular activity, you can naturally reduce stress and anxiety

The Dance Dietitian is uniquely positioned to assess the interaction of nutrition & your dancing, energy & stamina. Conversations with a Registered Dietitian can help you tailor the nutrition that will prepare you to bring your best self to the floor.

If you are interested in weight and/ or chronic disease management:

The Dance Dietitian will assess level of activity and develop a personalized plan calorically appropriate for optimal nutrition & weight management. Balanced nutrition & regular physical activity are the key components to avoiding the development or management of chronic disease. The best part is you that you have 100% control over what you put into your body & how you make your body move!

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