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My husband and I highly recommend Corrine. I met her at a ballroom dance competition, and was immediately impressed with a short conversation I had with her concerning my stamina and fatigue during the competition and also rounds. We decided to use her for both our separate issues. Mine was controlling my fatigue ( I have RA) and also my weight and stamina. My husband needed to gain weight and also learn how to minimize his sugar intake.
She is a pleasure to work with! Not only did I learn how to better nourish my body with the right foods, but my stamina is outstanding! No more bags of candy on our table! I’ve also acquired new recipes that are healthy and a regular rotation for us.
You will not be disappointed!!! She is remarkable


Wonderful experience hands down! When I began my journey with Corrine, my knowledge surrounding nutrition was very basic. Not only did Corrine take the time to introduce me to new concepts, she explained the theory behind nutrition and why our bodies process certain nutrients the way it does. With her coaching and ongoing encouragement, we set achievable goals at a pace that was built around my needs. I now have a stronger understanding of what healthy eating really means which has set me up for long term success.


I surprised my dad with having private dance lessons with Corrine for our daddy daughter dance He was super nervous and from two sessions, he was super confident and our daddy/daughter dance was so elegant. My now husband and I ended up going to her for our first dance as well, she was so good. Anyone who wants to feel super confident and honestly just have some fun with their dad/significant other I highly recommend DMing her!

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